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[MONSTER] Panda Monster Death Kong King. Japanese name: パンダ怪獣 デスコングキング Romanized name: Panda Kaijuu Desu Kongu Kingu Alignment: Antigone, Groth Aliens Type: Kaiju Inspiration: Panda, pangolin Status: Killed by Beam Emerald. From: Jumborg Ace - Episode 5 Source:

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She got here! Ultraman Ultra Monster DX Gargorgon! This figure is absolutely gorgeous, the detail in it I believe is an indicator that the DX line (which in terms of quality and size, is basically the new Ultra Monster Series), is totally worth it in terms of price (if you order direct from source, I got mine from CSToys Japan for half the price you’ll find it on eBay). Go find out for y...

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Ultraman vs. Jirass from a 1960s trading card.

1960s jirass tsuburaya productions ultra kaiju ultraman

The closest we are likely ever to get to Godzilla vs.Ultraman (aside from a comedy appearance I have posted about before here X) was the use of modified Godzilla costumes for his monstrous foes. The most notable would be, of course Jirass in episode 10 of the original 1966 Ultraman series this was clearly a slightly repainted Godzilla suit with the frill added. In fact, it was the body of the 1...

godzilla gomess jirass tsuburaya productions ultra kaiju ultraman

Some of the Ultra Monster fusion cards from Ultraman Orb. Included here are: Eleking Maga Pandon Bemstar Red King King Joe Baltan Black King

baltan bemstar black king eleking fusion cards king joe maga pandon red king tsuburaya productions ultra kaiju ultra monsters ultraman orb

KAIJU REMIX Series Antlar Up for preorder at AmiAmi!

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