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Quotes from the Realm – Eddard Stark A Song of Ice and Fire Book Series / A Game Of Thrones TV Show is one of our favorite things in this world. We’ve been wanting to illustrate some of our favorite quotes for ages and finally got around to do it. Prints, Shirts, Pillow, Phone Cases, Mugs etc. available at SOCIETY6!!

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Day 636 - Horudo | ホルード | Diggersby With its giant arms, it is the perfect construction worker. It can lift weights twenty times its weight. Just don’t get on its bad side, it can learn all elemental punches and will wreck your day! (P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, follow to see them! Contact me at for inquiries on commissions. Commissions are not limited ...

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Warren Type Specimen Poster by Scott Biersack 🔥 Follow us on Instagram @graphicdesignblg

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Day 466 - Futachimaru | フタチマル | Dewott Becoming a master of swordsmanship is hard work. Their arms and legs gain muscle en masse throughout its time as a Futachimaru. Some Futachimaru and their Trainers decide to manually stop evolution to maintain its agile body and continue training un-evolved. (P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, follow to see them! As always, e-mail animeleepocket...

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