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One more legend going through your screen, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, the Vietnam War-era fighter-bomber is a two-seater, twin engine, long range, all weather supersonic jet. First introduced in 1960, the Phantom was retired from the USAF in 2016 but it still remains in service with a number of air forces around the globe. If you have any suggestion or contribution for the next pho...

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Expiremental Instrument (READ THE DESCRIPTION!)

Expiremental Instrument (READ THE DESCRIPTION!)

An expiremental instrument with two necks. It's strange, I know, but bear with me. The first neck obviously has one string, while the second neck has 10 strings and is played w/ a slide that sits in a compartment on the instrument. It has a hollow body, and one pickup on each neck. Both necks are fretless. Includes corragated gold hardware. #expiremental #fretless #instrument #neck #two #word

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I really like fight like a girl buttons and such

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2 Bedroom home

2 Bedroom home

this is a 2 bedroom eco friendly home. Part of a few designs for a new houseing estate :) PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! :) #2_bedroom_home #bedroom #home #two

2_bedroom_home 3D 3D Warehouse 3D model SketchUp bedroom home two

Самое близкое,самое тёпло. То что тебе по-настоящему нужно,оно под носом. Не понимала раньше этого,никому не верила,говорила о том что любви то таковой как бы и нет. Но,рано или поздно кто-то должен был открыть мне глаз...

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