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If you are based in Bristol, UK, and would like to write for a cool online mag, send an email to: Not specifically gothic today, but the word must be spread nonetheless! Remember that the Generally Gothic site is open for gothic submissions, too. Get creating, people! #generallygothic #gothic #notgothic #callforwriters #callforsubmissions #callforjournalists...

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Camp was absolutely mental. I honestly wouldn’t change anything about those three days. I don’t know of any other schools that have mosh pits and crowd surfing. Class of 2014 at Tsota has some of the dopest people that I will ever know. Yeah. You go people.

2014 alphas covered in bruises dead tsota turnt

tbh i miss sota a ton. i don’t miss high school just the sota atmosphere also my bbs

a poem by me about sota tsota

*The Song of the Afternoon* Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (Part 1 & 2) #TSOTA  #songoftheafternoon  #fleetwoodmac


welcome to sota, a safe environment for trans kids as long as theyre cis passing ftm

i cant believe this shit happened at my school im glad i already graduated jfc tsota

top 5 phrases uttered in my 3 years at sota does anybody know where linda is? we have a nurse?? shut up dustin idk go ask linda do we even have a nurse???

to this day i have no idea whether theres a nurse or not tsota

Another 2018 oldie from summer! There are lots of things I’d change and I’d approach these differently now, but I was pretty happy with them at the time. Onward!

character design character expression sheet tsota
I should get a medal for not being one of the freshman that is apart of the scooter gang

I should get a medal for not being one of the freshman that is apart of the scooter gang

freshman medal scooter gang tsota watch out they might hit you

if i were to sell a cd with my song on it for like a dollar would anyone buy it

im the kid who performed the happy mothers day song at showcase tacoma school of the arts tsota