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“WaheGuru” (Vaheguru). Most people, when they say “WaheGuru”, they think it means just God, and that isn’t necessarily wrong, but I remember once being told the meaning by someone and it has become something more deeper. First, there is “Wa”, which means Pure Amazing, Beautiful Beyond Words, All Awesome. Then, there is “he”, meaning that which exist right here in this PRESEN...

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11.04.14: I gave her the sun and the moon/ the stars and the sea./ I gave her the trees and/ the birds, even the dirt worms./ I gave her the clouds and the/ hills, the mountains, and the valleys./ I gave her my heart and my/ soul, but she wanted none of me. (V.I.T.) #poetry #poemoftheday #veewritings #lovepoem #poetsociety #drunkpoem #lovepoem #brokenheartpoem #truth #igpoets #igpoem #writing #...

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HoBo Hammocks ( CHECK THIS OUT )

HoBo Hammocks ( CHECK THIS OUT )

Help support a good cause by buying a hammock fom HoBo Hammocks, which supports the homeless. ( AFFILIATED LINK ) HOBOHAMMOCKS: LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME: My goal is to share moments and give a insight to my life. Come along with me on my adventures. Check out all my social medias, LINKS BELOW!! SUBSCRIBE HERE:

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Happy Albinism Awareness Day🎊🎉🎈❤️❤️❤️

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Coast G20 Pen Light

Coast G20 Pen Light

Whether you store it in your shirt pocket, pants pockets, or a tool bag, the G20 Flashlight with its Inspection Beam Optic is a light that you should keep close. Optimized for up close use with its crisp edges and little glare, the perfectly circular beam illuminates where and when you need it. With Coasts commitment to quality, the G20 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its ...

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