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fav trope: lesbian in fighting mech

dva kum haehyun mechanica tron bonne

Ready for 11 Megaman girls- I mean ready for Megaman 11? I sure do! Biggest commission I’ve ever done yet.

aile alia ashe ciel iris mayl sakurai megaman nana pandora roll sonia strumm tron bonne

and part Four of Onimusha Soul’s cast by Capcom. They are really bringing all the ladies this time, don’t they? Again from Phoenix Wright, Megaman Legends, Resident Evil, the obscure Cyberbots and the ever so classic Breath of Fire.

ada wong breath of fire capcom cyberbots devilot ichijou mikumo jill valentine megaman legends nina onimusha soul phoenix wright resident evil tron bonne

Mega Man Legends Pixel Art I love the Mega Man Legends series and the unique aesthetic of sprite textures on 3D models. That style needs to make a comeback! I’m always jumping between different art mediums, but if people like these I may do some more pixel art. I want to focus on games that don’t already have sprites. Any suggestions?

barrell barrell caskett data hero zero herozero legends man mega mega man legends megaman miss tron pixel pixel art roll roll caskett servbot sprite sprite art teisel teisel bonne tron bonne