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Worked on the second layers of oils. I tend to overdo everything…8) but I like how the slime came out at least!

anthro art cute furry illustration leopard leopard slug oil painting oils slime slug slug with legs sluggo snail tree

Alexej Von Jawlensky (Russ. 1864-1941), Maison dans les bois, 1903, huile sur carton, 53 x 49 cm, collection privée

alexej von jawlensky arbre artistes russes expressionnisme huile sur carton jawlensky oil on board painting peinture russian artists tree

Verzweigt Minolta XG9 mit Osawa 28/1:2,8 + Gelbgrün Filter Hp5+ in Atomal April 2017 Heidelberg

analog atomal black film fotografie heidelberg hp5+ negativ photographie scan tree white
The #Tree #Houses of the #Korowai #Tribe of #New #Guinea.

Please Visit And Follow ••► +Amazing Things...

The #Tree #Houses of the #Korowai #Tribe of #New #Guinea . Please Visit And Follow ••► + Amazing Things

guinea houses korowai new tree tribe

Tree rings contain records of solar storms A new form of dating has just entered the lexicon of archaeology using a refinement of dendrochronolgy, long used to calibrate radiocarbon dating and determine when a piece of wood found at a dig was felled. The authors propose a new technique that they call astrochronology, and hope that it will help fix some long sought after key dates that are at p...

age chemistry date dendrochronology history isotope science the earth story tree tree ring wood