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I decided to jump on the bandwagon of Lamia Skeles. Blueberry and Edge. EdgeBerry. I had to.

edgeberry lamia lamia!papyrus my art naga papyrus owner!blue traditional art

Tales of warm up drawings from this week! Inks and Copics.

neskybo tales of tales of berseria tales of symphonia traditional traditional art

I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. Remember when I asked for ship kid requests like a week and a half ago so I could fill a page up with them? IT’S DONE. Finally! Incubux - @nateeev Placebo - @fullmetaldreamer Palette - @angexci Goth - @nekophy Sprinkle and Moku - @6agentgg9 Mishap - @milkymf Glitchcolor - @darkness-pure Lucid - @inashibe Blueprint - @pepper-mint Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily Tenpatch ...

among four different parents blueprint dean gaige glitchcolor goth incubux lucid mishap moku noah palette roller placebo raven ship children six of these ship kids are related to cross skyler so many sprinkle tenpatch that guy needs to get it together xd traditional art

Can’t believe I forgot to post this here, my goodness. Been a long time since I used frikkin’ Tumblr, too. Regardless, here’s something I did on a whim a while back. Tephra © @hensa Pixel © @epicafterdark Reed © @bearrabutt

anthro bearra bearrabutt black cabbit copic copic multiliner copicmarkers copics epicafterdark epicfail fanart furry giftart gold hensa mechanical pencil my art not my ocs pixel plz check these guys out prismacolor reed soot tephra there art is phenomenal traditional art

Soo, we were studying a story called “Florante at Laura” and I loved Laura!! And then @mango-guhit made her ver of Laura.. AND I LOVED HER EVEN MORE LIKE?? IM SUPER GAY FOR HER NOW??????? I’m Luv Aaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,

fanart florante at laura francisco balagtas laura sophiedraws traditional art