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I don’t recall posting this anywhere but I found it in a stash of old drawings!

motoori kosuzu myshit touhou 本居小鈴

あけましておめでとうございますっ! | ちゃん ※Permission to upload was granted by the artist. Make sure to rate/bookmark the original work!

daiyousei touhou ちゃん 大妖精 東方


1draw touhou 大妖精

Doremy Claus and Aunn the Red Horned Komainu have been hard at work delivering gifts to all the good Youkais and Humans throughout this stormy Christmas Eve and day. She hopes you’re having wonderful holidays and looks forward to delivering more Dreamy Dreams of Holding in the coming New Year.

aunn komano doremy sweet doremysweetholdingthings touhou yatadera narumi

I’ve been thinking about…them one day I will manage to draw on paper that didn’t come from a noteboook, one day

ibarakasen kasen ibaraki mamizou mamizou futatsuiwa me art touhou touhou project traditional