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Thematic badge I did for myself for Cesfur2018. Since the theme was universe, I decided to be earth chan : D Sorry for shitty quality, the pic was taken by phone, and sadly after the con, where I crumpled the whole thing on multiple places :´

azshara kletete badge batwoof cartoon conbadge earth chan furry kletete toony traditional art

My pals @panda-paco Koidel and Apollo have a podcast every friday (it’s in spanish) and I drew them, they’re good fun :3 Hope you like it! Art by me.

apollo british fox coyote fanart koidel koidel coyote my art paco paco panda pacopanda panda toon toony viernes furry

Toony, one of @dabbledraws OCs, but with a little more thickness.

art dabbledraws not my oc thicc toony

Did a thing of Eip and @dabbledraws‘s Toony because big squishy tails are good

asketchpad dabbledraws eip fanart my art my oc toony