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Photo reference credit to Jan Willemsen and Sarah Stribbling

cartoon dodgyrom drawing gesture gesture studies gestures lion lions sketch sketching toon

OOC: action attitude and a Deja rotation, this isp retty much her current design, love this excitable little child (plus her shit eating grin)

action attitude black and white concept armour deja deja the cat deja vu my my art oc original character rotation toon toon cat toon oc

Pocky and Rocky! Was playing this SNES gem and it is still a ton of fun!

art cartoon digital art fanart nintendo nintendo fanart pocky pocky and rocky rocky snes super famicon toon

Edie and Sheep doodles I need to draw Edie more XD Also here is an example of her sheep! .w. Edie’s sheep aren’t really sentient, they’re partially props from a cartoon standpoint. Bo has the most personality as he had been featured on his own on occasion. So he is the only exception. Otherwise the group listen to Edie and only Edie. Edie talks to them as if they are sentient though, u...

digital art edie the sheep dog mob!boss au my art my oc oc toon toon dog toon oc toon sheep

Recently discovered JoeyWaggoner and his girl-sona, Joette, and I gotta say, I’m a fan. Also discovered about his contest. Character belongs to JoeyWaggoner.

fan art joette joettecontest joeywaggoner rule63 toon

Sarah’s c.HP is her jabbing an opponent in the ribs, right after a lame or corny joke!

any attacks she does are entirely accidental cartoon cat not really sarah n. dippity she can't fight toon