@majjiffer "cause you're here with me now, i don't want you to go..." #TNT2Q1SemifinaLs https://t.co/onxCcnNmj8

RT @multimenadya: "Tadhana yata ang naglapit ng puwang nitong ating mundo" #TNT2Q1Semifinals https://t.co/34ym5jHmaU

my girl showing everyone how it's done. #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/Jum9tfMdRB


Congratulations Alfred! Ikaw ay isa sa ating Grand Finalist! #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/qsGBCRhUF2

RT @JaDineNATION: “Philippines’ sexiest at ang Queen ni James Reid, Nadine Lustre” 😍 #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/1IHp1OmBOK

thread of jadine prods in showtime #TNT2Q1SemifinaLs https://t.co/dSArYu80TX

RT @lionwolfeu: The one and the only Nadine Lustre, ladies and gents 🙌🏼 #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/7zfAlrv7eE

Congratulations Jovany! Pasok ka na sa Grand Finals! #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/ZvYkgyFYwO

i am stanning the realest and sexiest couple out there. love you @JayeHanash @hellobangsie #TNT2Q1SemiFinaLs https://t.co/43IPVmjWIz