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Lumec - Callisto Series - CAL62

Lumec - Callisto Series - CAL62

CAL62 Just some outdoor lighting I threw together for fun. “Lumec is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative lighting products that combine aesthetics, durability and performance” “Inspired by classical and contemporary elements, the Callisto Series casts a timeless light on any environmental design. Intended to preserve the dark skies, the combination of two lighting tec...

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You never really know how you feel about someone until you have to let them go.

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A Tattoo For Dad  - Luke Wessman - Self Made Tattoo Artist

A Tattoo For Dad - Luke Wessman - Self Made Tattoo Artist

A client wanted to get a tribute tattoo for his dad today, and here it is.  It nice when your client gives you some ideas and then lets you run with them.   #timeless Related posts: Rose Tattoo With Daughters Name-Timeless classic Tattoos for for the “Chosen People” A Jewish Man’s First Skulls And Roses Tattoo …