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I hope you guys enjoy this, I spent some time thinking about the most basic and essential items that every girl should have in their wardrobe! Let me know if you have any other ideas or things you think I should change!

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Timeless Appreciation Week - Day 7: Why you love the show “It’s a show for everyone who wants a fun, swashbuckling, romantic adventure. It’s for everyone who wants to watch a show with their family. It’s for everyone who thinks TV should be more inclusive, more diverse, more generous, and should tell underrepresented stories. We’re proud to demonstrate that history is made up of all...

all the characters and i'll say it again i couldn't put it into words properly so i just used eric's i don't understand why aren't more people crazy about it it explains it so well main supporting guests real life historical figures or fictional my gif they're all so amazing this show is so good timeless timeless appreciation week timeless s1 timelessedit timelessweek too many people to tag

Timeless Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favorite character → Lucy Preston And, by the way, my name is not doll or sweetheart or anything else that sounds like a baby. The women here have actual names. I’m sure you can learn their names. It’s not that hard, kind of like making coffee for yourself. You’re a rocket scientist, figure it out.

if i absolutely had to pick just one lucy preston my gif though i still feel bad for the others timeless timeless appreciation week timelessedit timelessweek

Three moods of Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston in ‘Timeless’

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