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This is really upsetting… People will be shocked to hear it, but I’m glad that they are bringing this to everyone’s attention. It is definitely time for a wake up call. The time is now. #Time4BlackTransWomen #TransgenderLawCenter #RaquelWillis #TransLives #Transgender #BlackTransWomen #TPOC #Trans #Transcommunity #transagenda

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Thank you for spreading this message @thegranvarones we can not continue living life pretending like our sisters aren’t being murdered for living their lives in THEIR TRUTH. I want to continue spreading this message and tell you people that If you do not understand this, if you do not understand the lives of transgender people and it scares you… yes, that is understandable. clearly some of ...

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Of the 20 known homicides of transgender people in the U.S. this year, 14 have been Black transgender women. Join @translawcenter today, Sept 14 at 12 PT/3pm ET for a national moment of silence and action: #Time4BlackTransWomen


#Repost @intomore ・・・ Of the 20 known murders of trans folks in the U.S. in 2018, 14 have been Black trans women. On Friday, join a national moment of silence on Friday at 12PM PST / 3 PM ET to take #Time4BlackTransWomen. Learn more and take action, link in bio. @glaad @antiviolence @translawcenter

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