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#ThursdayThoughts Lord Kabir is Immortal. He gives Eternal happiness & supreme peace to those who take his refuge by the grace of True Guru. Lord Kabir is the liberator,savior & the destroyer of sins Sant RampalJi shows the true path of worship which leads to Salvation #SaveIndia

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#ThursdayThoughts Sin is the cause of grief. When Sins are destroyed, it makes life joyful. But sins can only be destroyed with true worship and magical mantra 'Satnaam'.


Show compassion in every action you make.


Okay last lace picture I took 😂 but I do wanna mention something. . 💜 I struggle with my physical confidence a lot (as many of you know) and I spend more time putting myself down than feeling good about myself. And the huge change I’ve had within this past year was removing toxic people from my life. . 💜 some of these people were good friends and it was really hard for m...

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