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Did some watercolor doodles during the weekend while being part of Open Studios Waitakere. It was great hanging out with awesome artists and meeting a bunch of nice people. #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolorsketches #thumbnails

thumbnails watercolor watercolorpainting watercolorsketches

So has made yet another insanely good advertisement banner, but more to the point, he’s made thumbnails for me of *every prominent character* in Bravely Default to use for YouTube thumbnails when I start posting the series on Feb. 14th; seriously, amazing stuff. You should check out his artwork at his tumblr, and of course his webcomic based off of LSD (yes, LSD...

agnes oblige airy art azuritereaction azuriteyt bdff bdfts bravely default bravely default for the sequel bravely default where the fairy flies bravely default: for the sequel bravely default: where the fairy flies bravelydefault bravery default edea lee evilapple513 marathon nintendo 3ds portable ringabel rpg sires sires jan black siresjanblack stream thumbnails tiz arrior twitch videos youtube

a lot of stagecoach. a lot of horses. it’s a sneaky film, in terms of being better composed than at first notice.

film composition natalia draws thumbnails