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Those were the days, the blissful days ❤❤❤ I feel for Rima, who shared 50 wonderful years with Alan. Such a beautiful couple, such a happy image…

alan rickman gone but never forgotten i love his smile i love these two rickmaniac rima horton rip alan rickman so in love those were the days

- Playing in the Playstreet, illustrated by Tom Funk

boys dogs playing in the playstreet those were the days tom funk

Stargate Atlantis crack!ship: Dr. Lindsey Novak/Captain John Sheppard Fic Title: Encounters Genre: Romance, Angst, Humour Rating: Mature Blurb: Spoilers for season 2. First posted in 2006 at my livejournal. Completely non-canon and speculative. Yeah. I wrote 8,000 words for two characters who never even met onscreen … * Got a random surprise when someone commented on this incredibly old an...

crack!ship fan fiction lindsey novak x john sheppard my fic my mind is a weird place sometimes stargate atlantis those were the days