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Wednesday December 10,2014

PART 1 Wednesday December 10,2014 10:30AM ===================== ===================== AMPLIFIED BIBLE ===================== ===================== #TO #THOSE #THAT #WILLINGLY #SHED #INNOCENT #BLOOD ===================== ===================== PROVERBS 28:17 (17). IF A MAN WILLFULLY SHEDS THE BLOOD OF A PERSON [AND KEEPS THE GUILT OF MURDER UPON HIS CONSCIENCE], HE IS FLEEING TO THE PIT (THE GRAVE...

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Click Chick Rejects the Male Gaze

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One of my most toxic thought patterns is that if I were prettier I wouldn’t be working retail and struggling so horribly financially because like someone such as Loren Gray, Wolfie Cindy (Cindy Kimberly), or Alexis Ren, society (patriarchy) would reward me richly for my looks and I could have been able to use those opportunities to easily build a creative career while still very young. And I ...

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American Girl in Italy by Ruth Orkin, 1951

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There is no female equivalent to the male gaze. There is not. A woman could fight back with her gaze, even, but she’s only one person. When the man does it, there are a million people behind that gaze. - Diana Goetsch in an interview with Alan Fox for Rattle

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Worse than a couple looking for a third on tinder? A girl looking for girls who want to hook up in front of their boyfriend

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"Is it time to bury the item song? The answer can only be yes"

“Is it time to bury the item song? The answer can only be yes” The skewed gender politics of the average item song, in which a woman performs for a group of men, is a reflection of the Hindi film industry’s culture of normalising sexual abuse and the careless consumption of women’s bodies. Rarely essential to the narrative, the item song declares that it is permissible, and even natura...

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Was talking with my mom today about a class I took a while back in media studies and the concept of the male gaze. I went on for a solid 10 minutes pretty much ranting about the way women are portrayed in the media, when suddenly she stopped me. “I don’t get it. I mean, I get all the stuff about how women are shown, but what does any of this have to do with the gays?”

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Did you know when I was studying film and the term “The Male Gaze” came up for the first time, I spent a very confused 10 minutes trying to figure out why a bunch of gay dudes would be objectifying women.

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First Encounters With the Male Gaze - Rookie

First Encounters With the Male Gaze - Rookie

the male gaze

In the Studio No.IV: Self Portrait Howard Somerville (1873–1952) Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

the male gaze

Avery, 2018 One thing I’ve thought a lot about in regards to this project is the “male gaze.” My inspiration for the project is Agnes Varda’s Cléo de 5 à 7 which deals greatly with male gaze, public gaze, and personal vanity. While I am always mindful of how I play with those concepts I’ll never outrun the reality that no matter how I choose to shoot those topics or address feminis...

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