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Julian week. Day 7: your choice! If I had more time to prepare the prompts, I would have drawn all of them. I know it’s not the fault of the coordinators, so don’t worry. It was a nice week xD And even working in three prompts, these absorbed all the time I had. So for the last day I decided to make a mixture between the themes “blossom” and “healing”, considering the ideas I had...

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Okay, guys this is one of me and my sister’s crazed idea. Dark Asra / Reversed Asra and Dark Julian / Reversed Julian. And you’re probably wondering where’ s Dark Nadia in the picture, well I haven’t gotten her done yet, cause I’m still coloring my Ravin Masquerade. So Please enjoy and let me here what you think of it. And I’ll do my best to finish up Dark Nadia, color them and po...

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Decided that my original @thearcanagame apprentice just Won’t Do for Julian route so I repurposed Yannick for it. He’s the only one that would even try to put up with the good doctor’s bullshit ;D It was so fun to design his clothes and trying to match The Arcana style.

arcana art fan apprentice i secretly hope there will be a canon plot reason for his scars m art my ocs otherwise i will make it the arcana the arcana game yanick lavellan

September (Muriel) calendar by @usagiboii for The Arcana Calendar (more information coming soon~ ) June’s piece by @estesmytea July’s piece by @midnightcrows August’s piece by @etheretchings In the image there’s a link to the version with higher quality!

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