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I’ve recently hit a big milestone for my blog. Wow. I’m grateful for all the people who got me this far from all the fandoms I have been and or currently in. I’d also like to thank all the people I’ve befriended. It’s a really long list, so I’ll spare myself of writing it down but you know who you are. Thank you all so much! I promised myself that I would start a ko-fi when I reach...

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I give to you all the first actual Arcana fan shit i’ll be loading onto my page. I bet y’all can guess who my fave is?? :3c I gently blame (with love) @thearcanagame for bringing such a cast of CUTIES for me to love and eventually cosplay!

face comparison julian devorak look at this fucker the arcana

Here’s a Julian comparison to satisfy my own curiosity. (Classic sprite at 50% opacity, layered over the current sprite, making all deviations see-through. It lost a little fidelity when I cropped it.) I kind of miss his super-sharp chin and that thin-lipped smile of his, but I think his sneer and his hot-and-bothered look are even better now.

face comparison i just think they're neat julian devorak sprite changes the arcana

warmup of my Apprentice, Aysu!

aysu fischotterkunst the arcana

A quick warm-up before a big drawing! (I actually love how Asra turned out??))

asra blury blurypic fanart faust fawst my art the arcana

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