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Probably my favorite beast I got to work on this week- a goatman loosely based on Lucio from @thearcanagame 🔥🔥🔥 If he looks annoyed, it’s because Nadia and Asra keep coming into his room and making fun of him. Have fun in Australia, buddy!

arttoy count lucio etsyseller the arcana the beast peddler

I feel like someone has already drawn this but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draw Julian and a bunch of ducklings

fanart julian devorak nix hydra sin art the arcana the arcana game

Hi I’m still thirsty (How do you draw faces)

fanart julian devorak sin art the arcana why do i do this to myself

a little Asra doodle bc im bored and im also late to his birthday

asra fanart i love this pun so much sin art the arcana

The recent book had loads of potential ideas for future drawings…this is what I chose to do.

bongo cat doctor devorak fanart julian devorak julian ilya devorak the arcana the arcana game

Commission for @asteriyae Inaean Lavellan belongs to @lavworthmyway Asleatia Surana belongs to @asteriyae Epistulis

arcana oc asleatia surana dragon age inaean lavellan my art my commission the arcana