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Gonna start drawing my favorite background characters from Sonic The Hedgehog stuff. No set schedule, just as I feel like it, I will continue this image series. First up is two characters from the first two episodes of The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. The first character is from the first episode, she’s an inflatable girl attached to Scratch’s arm. The second character is from the se...

scratch and grounder sonic the hedgehog the adventures of sonic the hedgehog

When you see a cool artist friend post something that’s really god damned good, but you hold back those urges When you see that artist friend then post something and its so bomtastic you just…

i'm not sorry i'm sorry robotnick sonic the adventures of sonic the hedgehog

Drawthread: Roxy Boxing Roxy the Raccoon and Breezie the Hedgehog from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. FireAlpaca

breezie the hedgehog drawthread fanart lhk roxy the raccoon the adventures of sonic the hedgehog