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So I was thinking a bit about swapping dream and nightmare, and I know that dreamswap already exists but this would be my own version. I wanted to start at Empireverse I guess, so Empireswap? I might give more details, but I just thought for now it would be interesting to play with the outlines of good and evil for a bit. I mean, dream brings good emotions, which make people happy. They could b...

blueberry cross cross sans dream dreamswap empire of the moon empire of the sun empireswap empireverse nightmare pale pale sans swap!dream swap!nightmare swap!sans template template sans

At the request of one of my fellow Tim Curry lovers I made my very first Paradise Garage template gif. Video is courtesy of Ed Guy of YouTube. Template is courtesy of Hope you all like!I did the very best that I could but I couldn’t find a version of this music video any clearer.

1979 70's <3 friday gif gifset happy friday made by me music video my heartstrings paradise garage template tim curry welovetemplates youtube

Paint is an OC made by an OC. So… OC-ception?

anon ask paint swap!error template template!error template!sans

Template Character Download here. Don’t claim as yours. Follow us. @DarkParadise Ask me here.CuriousCat. Repost/like if you download it. by Hazel.

character design character plantilla character template kendall jenner plantilla psd character psd photoshop psd plantilla psd template template

( DESIGNJENKINS; FIRST CHARACTER PSD ) this is my first character psd!! the font for bridget is Times New Roman and for satterlee is Better Step the psd used is not mine, so I give credits to creator. please no steal :) like / reblog if using ✧*:・゚. download ✧*:・゚.

** character psd psd character template

Let’s meme the boi @unu-nunu-art/ @unu-nunium I’m so sorry Edit: I just realized I forgot Template’s marks in the last two photos. Oh, well. Sorry.

meme my art swap!error t!sans template template!error template!sans

CHARACTER PSD. Download here. Don’t claim as yours. Follow me here. Twitter. Follow us. @DarkParadise Ask me here.CuriousCat. Repost/like if you download it. by Hazel

bella hadid character plantilla character psd plantilla presentacion psd character psd template templante psd template