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“We forge the chains we wear in life.” ~Charles Dickens- ‘A Christmas Carol’

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Cheer the Fuck Up Christmas Tea from FireBox It’s dark and miserable outside. It’s fucking freezing. You’ve scarcely got a week off work for Christmas and you’re stuck playing dreadful dinner games with your extended family… Before you go full-blown Ebenezer Scrooge, pour yourself a steamy cup of Cheer the Fuck Up Christmas Tea. This limited edition festive blend of black herbal t...

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So our little shoppe is becoming better known for our various collectable decks. We’re working with The Orange Moon Tea Society to create our very first Lenormand style deck. This type of deck was originally created as a game and later on (much like the tarot) began being used for divination. It’s named after French fortune-teller Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, quite the notable cartomancy ...

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