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Item cards in collaboration with @r-n-w​ More of our stuff here!

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With the return of this blog I figured I might as well start from the beginning! Behold! The very first edition of Dungeon Magazine! -J.

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some visual design work/art for the lovely patron Zweihander (who lacks a tumblr) of their excellent RPG character Wheezer, who is a 100% law-abiding, unsuspicious rat catcher. NOTHING WEIRD HERE.

body horror character design creature design patreon patron rat catcher rpg tabletop wheezer

The Legion of Everblight! The first of a few updates. I’ve been struggling for a while with getting photos of these guys as there’s such a contrast between the colours that they just tend to look kind of bleached and weird, especially the warbeasts. Anyhow, this is the best I can do! So to start the updates, here’s a Warlock and a couple of solos. The Warlock is Lylyth but I did a bit o...

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