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Only in Switzerland a 5-minute search for a cheap hotel by the highway will bring you to such a place… Amazing country! If you like our photos and postcards, follow us or ask us to send you our next postcard!

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Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse by Vetsch Architektur in Switzerland An earth-covered, subterranean community of nine homes. The daytime areas are situated towards the south, the nighttime area towards the north. In the middle, you find the bathrooms and the connecting stairs to the basement. Natural light is provided through sunlights in the living roof.

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Area settled by the Alamanni, and sites of Roman-Alamannic battles, 3rd to 6th centuryAlemannic belt mountings, from a 7th century grave in the grave field atWeingarten. The Alamanni, Allemanni, or Alemanni were originally an alliance of Germanic tribes located around the upper Rhine river (Germany). One of the earliest references to them is the cognomen Alamannicus assumed by Roman Emperor C...

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Markus Brunetti / Musée des Beaux-Arts, Le Locle, Switzerland / Exhibition / 2016

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@GameGyu88: What are you doing ^^? Do you miss me or not??????????? I miss you… 😭

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Europe, Switzerland, Melano, Monte Generoso - webcam

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