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Guys I finally found another good dance photo of me!!! Usually, photos of me standing (or videos of me moving especially) look awful and painful and are never to see the light of day cause I look like a freak. This, on the other hand, looks fabulous and I love it. I look like I belong, not like a freak. I look cool and that never happens when I stand. Also I have no idea who’s leading this,...

also let's giggle about shannon's arm styling and i love it but *is* super shannon dance girl in salmon with her arm above her head behind me her styling is super not west coast i look good i look like a dancer i'm just super hype about not hating this photo ok like not a freak so hype swing this never happens on camera omg west coast swing y'all don't understand

Dancing couple at the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem c. 1930s

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RT @kqent: [ #LUCY] LUCY - ‘SWING’ (Feat. 박경) Preview   2018. 11. 17 6PM   #루시 #SWING #박경 #PARKKYUNG #KQ htt

kq lucy parkkyung swing 루시 박경

The artist made this piece a year after she was arrested for participating in a tree-sitting protest against the bulldozing of oaks and sycamores in Arcadia, California. Rigged with rope and carabiners and fully equipped with a canteen, lantern, and first-aid kit, this tree-sitting platform presents a tactical tool for environmental civil disobedience as sculpture. Nominated for the 3rd wave b...

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