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Roland Sabatier, Man Ray, Micheline Hachette, Alain Satié, Aude Jessemin, Isidore Isou, Botosani, Jacques Spacagna, Alain de Latour, Viviane Brown Lettrie à ouvrir des horizons nouveaux, 1966 Book with lithographs, etchings, drawings in ink and in gouache Lettrism, an artistic movement born in postwar France, sought the liberation of language by destroying the ability of letters to c...

book design books isidore isou lettrism man ray micheline hachette roland sabatier surrealism

Selenophilia // Selenofilia Este fotomontaje lo hice, basada en un dibujo que hice en el año 2015, con tempera blanca en un fondo negro. Representa lo mucho que amo a la luna, y a los gatos ♥ This photomontage I did, based on a drawing I did in 2015, with white tempera on a black background. It represents how much I love the moon, and the cats ♥

arbol art arte black cat blue bruja cat clouds gato gato negro luna magia magic moon night noche nubes photoshop ps selenofilia selenophilia silloutte silueta surreal surrealism surrealismo surrealista surrealistic tree witch