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dark hear sing Fingers move cho - elrem | ello

dark hear sing Fingers move cho - elrem | ello

*In the dark I hear you sing Fingers move and chords they ring* Agnes Obel, *"[Mary]("*, 2016 **"Permafrost"** © Loïc Remy - ELREM - 2016, Paris. Model : Pietro Canonica, Rome, Italy **[HD here !!](** **[my website](** CC/ @ello@ellophotography@yourdailybread@elloart@monochromatica...

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Virtual Viral Creations Raising awareness for a disease, artist Alexey Kashpersky, uses the healing power of art to illustrate the dangers of the Hepatitis C virus. His expertise in CG and fascination with art allows him to create hyper real motion art. He creates viral ”morphological forms were interpreted to express the hidden dangers of HCV, yet still portray a visceral re...

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