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Dean Creations Challenge | ↳Prompt:: Green Eyes - Dora Hermann “people talk about wanting to drown for days, and days in one’s eyes, so blue like an unpoluted ocean. I would rather walk for ages and explore, carefully, deeply, every inch of this forest, so deeply green that’s the shade of yours.“

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Sam centric pairings: Sam/ Anna I’m not entirely sure what this is. Let’s say Anna decides that “Sam Winchester must live” and protects him with her failing Grace. Yes. I didn’t notice how lovely that pairing could have been. I should have practiced drawing Anna and Sam before sketching this… Two difficult characters for me *whines*

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This was inspired by Twist and Shout. Although it’s kinda different. I just felt like I was too happy today so I decided to reread Twist and Shout which led to this so yeah

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Dean Creations Challenge | @whistiel ↳Prompt: Intelligence

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