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Two friends set out to uncover the truth behind what's causing a set of strange events. Starring: Pallaten Couture Satchel Nickoma Couture Directed By: Satchel Nickoma Couture Scored By: Pallaten Couture #shortfilm #horror #horrorshort #supernatural #filmmaker #film #aliens

aliens film filmmaker horror horrorshort shortfilm supernatural

Reflected Music: “No Turning Back” by Koda Demons exist in many forms, But the demons of the mind are by far the most dangerous. . . . . Another totally awesome piece for Norman and Cal’s story by @tohdraws. He captures my characters, their personalities, and their struggles perfectly!

art commission caliban the demon demon devil digital art inner demons norman and cal norman castor reflection shape shifter supernatural tohdraws

[ 4x8 ] - Wishful Thinking “The things that I saw, there aren’t words, there is no forgetting, there’s no making it better. Because it is right here, [Points to head] forever. You wouldn’t understand and I could never make you understand. So I am sorry.”

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