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Das Zitat Des Jahres // 18.01.18 - Außerdem ist es der erste Beitrag des Jahres. Hoffentlich wird dieses Jahr ein gutes Jahr für euch! Meine Ziel für dieses Jahr ist meine Deutsch zu verbessern und ich will fließend werden! - Yep a german post ^^ pls let me know if I made any grammar mistakes!! Thanks for all your support x

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21/01/2018 I know I’m a bit late for posting my new year resolution but today was the only day I’ve got time for taking the pictures! Anyway I wish to all of you a year full of happiness, success and love 🌹

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Welcome to part one of The Stationery Crash Course series where I explain the different types of various stationery goods and their compatibility with different materials. All posts can be found here! This week I’m going to explore the wonderful world of markers. The word ‘marker’ is an umbrella term in which many tools fall under. Markers, textas, highlighters, fineliners we’ve all us...

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March 26, 2017 Long time no post everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity other than my contest, school has made things super busy! Here’s a quick snapshot of my recent MUJI haul. Also, big shout out to everyone who entered my giveaway, your support and positivity was amazing! 💖 I’ll be sure to hold another giveaway soon! 😘 Meanwhile good luck to everyone with mid terms/finals!!! F...

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callie’s countdown to graduation (D-69) | 2017년 4월 19일 My biology notes! Spring break is over and so is my happiness T.T i forgot to revise my music theory and exams are in 49 days from now :(( And i’m in charge of 100 days (a day where seniors celebrate the 100 days left to graduation) and the senior barbecue which has to be ready by next week ^^;;;;

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