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25.9.17 | i’m back! (finally smh @me it’s been like 5 months) i did my gcses in may and i got my results - i got 11 A*s and a B! i’m so happy. hard work pays off. also i went to america for the first time !! it was so cool - this is one of my spreads from when i was there. expect some more old spreads soon cause i haven’t posted in ages lol

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Hi! this is mocobuku, a new studyblr blog to this huge studyblr community and this is my intro! BASIC INFO name - audrey age - 15 location - jakarta, indonesia (gmt+7) year i’m in - sophomore REASON BEHIND URL my mother tongue is both indonesian and javanese, so i decided to combine both languages. moco (c as in cheers) in javanese means read and buku in indonesian means book. therefo...

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week twelve: oh man, i am not ready for November 😰 // good luck to everyone struggling with college apps!!

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nov 27 | long time no post ! today i completed my trigonometry homework + science questions

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— watching ; john mulaney’s kid gorgeous it’s internal exams soon! stressin out learnin new content & balancing revision alongside personal issues.

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18.JUL2017 ::: Today was a good day. I attended my first grad school seminar (which was relatively uneventful) and a lab meeting, after which I felt weirdly relieved (?) because I could fill my to do list with many small tasks that I could tick off quickly after. So, pro tip: Write down tiny tasks, for crossing them off will induce positive feelings.

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