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LinnDrum and a Korg 770. Bit of a Yamaha CS-5 there in the bottom left corner as well.

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Thanks @sweetgrassgarden @askphilososhy got my stuff all settled, my studio is up and running and I’ll be updating more often! Stay tuned !

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• Two young women seated in a model car in a studio. Date: 1870’s - 1890’s Medium: Tintype, 1/6 plate, mounted

1870's 1890's 19th century photography antique antique picture antique portrait model car studio tintype two young women

Just finish recording with Rosa Apatrida. The 12 tracks are ready to go, now the complex MIX. W’ll see what is coming up ;) [photo by Nicolas Ulloa, somewhere in Bushwick] (Synth-Porn description left to right): Roland Juno 6 MFB Drum Machine Roland TR-606 Roland R-70 (just for triggering) Roland Dr Pad Midi to CV/Gate interface Inspire (4 channel) + Pro Tools 10 (to actually rec...

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