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Cellfie wars between prokaryotes and eukaryotes! Be sure to check out all our science GIFs here for your studyblrs, teacher websites, presentations, or general amusement! Just please keep our name on there and don’t sell them! :D

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studying isn’t always pretty notes and flash cards, sometimes it’s notebooks full of scribbling, working and unreadable math ☺️ hope everyone is studying hard for whatever you might have!

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[Sunday, 9 of September 2018] As I’m back studying, I’m back of making notes. Have you started yet? 🌻Instagram 🌻Youtube Channel 🌻Ask me anything

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8.8.18 // 2 weeks until I move! I cannot believe I’m moving in 2 weeks to grad school + another country! I will be revealing which school I will be attending and where I’m moving soon!😉 Trying to figure out a way how I should announce it! I’m also trying to come up with semester goals for the upcoming academic year and I only have one item on my list which is to make friends 😂 Fol...

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Guess who’s back! Had my fair share of lazy days so I have to get back on my grind. I have 1 month left of summer vacation but I have TONS of revision and preparation for the next school year to do. So, here I go. I plan on starting another 100 days of productivity challenge maybe in September. What’s going to happen in 2018/2019? I will begin my preparation for getting in medical unive...

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• July 17th • 30 days of productivity This morning I went on a walk by the beach and it was so calming. It was 7 am and there was nobody there and it was just the best. I want to do it more. I’ve also bought a planner for the next school year. I just LOVE stationery and I couldn’t wait. I am so excited to start writing things on it and decorate it. I will show you tomorrow!

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