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Santiago de Chile 16 de Octubre 2016 Este domingo 16 de octubre se llevo a cabo una nueva manifestación en todo el país convocada por la la coordinadora No + AFP que llamó a manifestarse en contra del actual sistema de pensiones AFP (Administradoras de fondos de pensiones). La jornada estuvo marcada por el llamado a dejar de forma masiva los fondos de pensiones Provida y Cuprum , las cu...

afp ciudadana fefp frente fotografico manifestacion no + afp pensiones santiago strike

I make this picture.. And belive me or not, it taking over 3-5 hours to finish this picture… The title is “Combination”. It’s about V-Goth and X-Strike Ultimate Form (ARRGGHHT!! To much watching anime!!! XDD) Original: Goth by @nekophy Strike by @strix36 Ultimate Form: V-Goth and X-Strike by @strix36 Too much dang it XD

@nekophy goth spectale au strike strix36 au

A short history of May Day The first of May is a moment for us to remember the Chicago Haymarket Martyrs of 127 years ago. These Chicago anarchists helped to lead the major battle of the day, not only for the 8 Hour Day, but also for social liberation. The origins of May Day go back to May 4, 1886, marking the Haymarket Massacre. This memorable day began as a rally of striking workers who we...

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Kakuo Shinkai 新海覚雄 Strike action in train station 構内デモ 1955年、油彩、国鉄労働組合蔵

1955 industrial action japan kakuo shinkai labor strike labour labour movement painting political art strike strike action train station 新海覚雄

American truck drivers from Virginia stand in solidarity with Iranian truck drivers on strike

iran iran protests labor strike labour strike protest public discontent strike strike action worker strike worker's strike workers' strike
In 1914, a nation so blessed with abundant natural resources, so gifted with huge cultural heritage ...

In 1914, a nation so blessed with abundant natural resources, so gifted with huge cultural heritage and so talented with great intellectuals and patriots was born, she is NIGERIA. Amidst the trials and tribulations we encounter today, Do we love our country? Do we stand up to protect, fight, defend and support our country? Have we considered respecting and honouring our country? What happened t...

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