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Ep. 038: Louise Smythe - Pixar Story Artist - Part I Annie-nominated Story Artist Louise Smythe shares her story today on the podcast! Growing up in Memphis, TN Louise dreamed of becoming an illustrator. While in college she discovered the magic of animation via Disney behind-the-scenes segments on DVD, and then worked to make her dream a reality. Join us as we discuss her college career and i...

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The second episode premiering today was “Farmer Bob.” A LOT of difficult/crazy stuff in this one, like figuring out how to show a Jellyfish bucking like a bronco. Also Patrick kissing another man’s wife.

karl hadrika nickelodeon spongebob storyboards

Storyboards for the Twilight Zone script Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up? (pt 1)

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THE ANIMORPHS I’ve been working on a reimagining of the Animorphs book series. My own alternate reality of what I think would be fun to explore with this team. Keeping the core of the characters alive, but bringing to life things I saw when I started the series as a kid, and the potential I see now. * When I first started the series, I was eight, and I was terrible at reading. No book coul...

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SLUGTERRA - GHOUL FROM BEYOND - STORYBOARDS Here’s a fight sequence I storyboarded in which Kord has to battle an Eastern Caverns Beast, Trixie arrives from the shrinking portal to lend a hand, but where are Pronto and Eli?

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Hey everyone! I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m going to be a story intern at Tonko House this summer! I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to working with everyone and learning a lot!

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The Queen struggles to navigate the uneven terrain in her new Bear body. A few rough storyboard thumbnails for an early sequence in the making of Brave.

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I always thought Thrawn is a ridiculous character…Yet our writers and Lars Mikkelsen are able to turn a blue face military personnel with two lizards chilling on his shoulders into the most bad -ass villain in the SW universe. #starwars #starwarsrebels #starwarsart #storyboards #admiralthrawn

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