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Mark Galez came to speak tonight! Very entertaining and a lot of great info for the students! Thank you @remarkable_art for your time! #pmcspeakers #sketchbook #sketch #speaker #PMC #storyboarding #animation

animation pmc pmcspeakers sketch sketchbook speaker storyboarding

A storyboard study I did of Train To Busan, which is a fantastic movie btw. Haven’t cried this hard in a while :’)

action sequence film study storyboard storyboarding train to busan

A little tease of what director Andrew Schmidt (DreamWorks) has been working on for about a year along with some of House of Cool’s Story crew.

andrewschmidt dreamworks guillermo del toro houseofcool netflix storyboarding storytellers trollhunters

Making Friends (Storyboard Snippet) zoom in to see dialouge

dunslona hannah stine jake stine jakeneutron sebastian storyboarding

For my Creative Habit class in school, I’ll be participating in a daily artistic routine I’ve chosen for myself. I’ve decided to devote a bit of time each day drawing beatboards inspired by interesting photographs. This strategy is subject to change during the 30-day experimentation period of the project. Updates to follow! I hope to get into the habit of posting one every day from now on...

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