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Texas has a slate of anti-LGBTQ legislation in the works, it’s up to us to stop it. Together, we can fight this, right now: SIGN OUR OPEN LETTER DONATE TO EQUALITY TEXAS WRITE A LEGISLATOR Share on social media using the hashtag #TXtogether.

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While #HulkHogan may be training for an in-ring return at #WrestleMania 31, the decision will largely...

While #HulkHogan may be training for an in-ring return at #WrestleMania 31, the decision will largely depend on whether or not Hogan can pass a physical. This applies to everyone over the age of around 45 that is under consideration for the big event, including #Sting .  + WWE has had strict physicals for older talents ever since #JerryLawler 's heart attack on #RAW , which is why Hogan's ph...

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“Sting is unimpressed by Sting’s bass proficiency.” (1993)

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Anime | Fairy Tail | Twin Dragon Slayers

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How do jellyfish sting? the science of cnidocytes and nematocysts jellyfish don’t sting through electricity or by touch. Jellyfish sting through a special type of cell called a Cnidocyte, there are three types of cnidocytes currently known. Spirocysts which entangle their prey, Ptychocysts which build tubes for tube anemones and the most well known Nematocysts. Nematocysts consist of a toxi...

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