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Part one of the story I’m building for my own Gem oc’s Long ago, my two Diamonds left, leaving very little to remember them by, eventually not even the diamonds on homeworld remember them, not caring for those who they felt no attachment to, who left to build their own empire, and would later create a mobile world that they would rule in unison.

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has too much of a blue diamond esque face but i still love her :/

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Thirty years can change a lot Time to remember what time forgot AHHHHHHHHHHH YES! FINALLY ARC 6′S COVER IS HERE KIDS AND ITS MASSIVE! Just look at all the stuff that awaits us in our next 6! Its gonna be so exciting, I can’t wait! But for now, we finally have our preview of what’s to come!!! And so as I usually do with arc covers, let’s break it down, chapter by chapter: Lost and Fou...

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THE GEM GRUMPS!! Inspired by @bio-shocks (should be the correct person. if not please tell me) Anyway I completely loved this concept and I decided to draw in the characters. I didnt do it on height differences irl more like personality and (even though this is kinda selfish) my ships! So i kept the Arin as Ruby and Danny as Sapphire because yes. Then made Ross Amethyst and Barry (yes I know he...

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commission of hope diamond for a friend on dA! My commissions are open! Info is here: x Do not repost my art or remove the caption.

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