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“Who you think ya kidding? She’s the Earth and Heaven to ya!” This was only meant to be a sketch, oops.

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H-Has no one done this yet? 👀 Blue Diamond!!!! My favorite character that just so happens to have the same voice actor as Bronagh from my fav movie, Song of the Sea

blue diamond bronagh song of the sea steven bomb steven universe

This is all I could thing of the whole trial. Bahahaha

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“I’m Lapis Lazuli, and you can’t keep me trapped here anymore!” So I have been pretty productive in the last few weeks! Cleared some old stuff out of the house, baked a ton of cookies, sent a #zbrush sculpt Hallmark Keepsake infor final review AND finished my first low poly 3D model using Blender entirely. Hand painted textures all done in Blender too! I also started a Sketchfab accoun...

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Peridot is just happy to have Lapis back. ~Please do not repost or remove description~

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