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Driver: Chelsea DeNofa Tires - NITTO NT05 Engine - BMW 3.0L Turbo by Garrett Horsepower - 777 HP / 777 TQ at 28PSI Suspension - BC Racing Coilovers, DOOZER1 chassis, Achilles Motorsports Arms, SLR Steering kit Brakes - ASD handbrake, Wilwood calipers Wheels - Enkei NT03 F: 18x8.5 R:18x10 Exterior - Brooks Motorsport Wing, Level7Tune Flares, M3 Aero Interior - Sparco Safety, Motec dash, Speedway...

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Paris Alleyne Static This drawing is based off of Paris Alleyne’s original Static design. This one stuck out to me because I liked the look of the hooded jacket with the striped yellow interior. It’s a simple element but is a cool kind of subtle fashion feature that makes this take stand out for me. Go follow Paris to keep up with his work.

black history month paris alleyne static static history month

Jemma Salume Static Back in 2011 the site Project : Rooftop did a tribute to the recently passed Dwayne McDuffie where they presented the fan art redesigns of Static from a wide variety of different artists. This design was one created by artist Jemma Salume, aka Oxboxer. I always thought this was a really cool and slick design full of style. There’s no way I could possibly do the design jus...

black history month jemma salume oxboxer static static history month