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"I don’t know if I can put it into words - I think if I try, I’ll cry. But it’s such a privilege to be a part of a story that I truly believe is going to bring people together." *"'Star Trek'* has always been pictorial of diversity and inclusion and universality. It’s one of the main reasons it’s so important to so many people to this day. So if you say you love the legacy of ‘Star...

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Just under 24 hrs until #StarTrekDiscovery launches into the final frontier! Thanks to everyone involved for the ride, now the journey really begins! Can’t believe this is my FINAL poster before the show airs!

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Poster #2 of 3 celebrating the launch of #*StarTrekDiscovery* in just under 2 weeks! This time the #*Klingon* Sarcophagus ship.

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Comic-Con poster reveal for Star Trek: Discovery!  And no, it’s not one of mine (but I can see why people think it is!)

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Pretty sure my wife and I just solved the mystery of the Klingons’ new look on Star Trek: Discovery… …the Hellmouth opened on Qo’noS! (My wife kept looking at the new Klingons and seeing Buffy vampires, and really, it’s the only thing that makes sense!)

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It’s the ‘Last Days 'Til Disco’! Star Trek Discovery is just a MONTH away! What are you most looking forward to?

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