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I was talking to the hubby about armor color, when he recommended I look up the significance of certain kinds of Mando armor. I don’t think Torian’s KOTFE/KOTET armor was a coincidence…

im really sad now mandalorian mando armor star wars swtor swtor companions the old republic torian cadera

Like Courtney said “Dont you have enough projects?” Lets be honest, no one ever has enough projects. So have a Savage Opress based Mando armor set concept! I know some members of Death Watch redid their armor to show their loyalty to Maul, but I feel like Savage needs more love. I really love the archaic presence of the set I drew, but I won’t be able to start working on it until possib...

dathomirian mandalore mandalorian mandalorian armor mando armor nightbrother savage opress star wars

Should we create machines that will augment ourselves-extend our ability to do things that we humans have been unable to do in the past? Or should we create machines that are super intelligent and will be eventually replace us? Perhaps the better question for us humans is: What will people do better than computers?

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A sketch commissioned by @julesfelden as a birthday gift for bunn1cula. Thanks as always! :3

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