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theres my squid their name is Fundip. They cant play because running around makes them sick so they just cheer from the sidelines.

dendirt squid kid what do i tag this as??? who knows

@skyfangz here’s your gay dudebro As soon as I read he was scared of moths this popped into my head I bet he’s the kinda guy who pretends he’s all tough but shrivels at the sight of a bloody moth What a loser (I kid I love your characters ;3) (Keep your shirt on boi ain’t no one interested)

but i am too but seriously he a weenie inkling boy inklings missyart ocs other people's ocs skyfangz splatoon squid kid videogames

Here’s another compilation of relatively old doodles, I’d never post them otherwise because I tend to wait until they pile up. I draw so little nowadays.. oTL

inkling ouginak own: next lvl pandawa splatoon squid kid tegaki vampyro wakfu

Little squid kid on a quest. ___________________ !!! Don’t repost !!! ___________________

inkling moon spitfire sfm source filmmaker splatoon splatoon 2 squid kid

Finished drawing and making some new Splatoon buttons! :) They’re available in my shop now. And remember, don’t get cooked~ stay off the hook~!! ☆.。.:*・°☆ ✿ Etsy: ✿ Instagram:

artists on tumblr buttons etsy etsy shop judd jr judd splatoon marina splatoon my art pearl splatoon splatoon splatoon 2 squid kid

I really miss playing Splatoon, I should get back to it someday ___________________ !!! Don’t repost !!! ___________________

i miss my gear splatoon squid kid