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-s q u i d s- I’ve been playin Splatoon 2 since I got it for my birthday and hot damn I love it so much. I’m glad my internet buds were already playing it, so I had more squids to draw. But my squid, Umi, is a rough-n-tumble ‘sk8r grrl’ covered in scrapes and bruises from her streetside hijinks. She dates a giant prawn named Kama Kyleboko. He’s a big softie.

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commission for ArOne Chipp as a squid… or a kid? … or a squid?…

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Finished drawing and making some new Splatoon buttons! :) They’re available in my shop now. And remember, don’t get cooked~ stay off the hook~!! ☆.。.:*・°☆ ✿ Etsy: ✿ Instagram:

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My friend is totally in love love with Callie… Callie and Marie © Nintendo Artwork © Kuromimi10 or L.T.Art

callie kid or squid marie splatoon squid kid squid sisters

Here is a Splatoon commission I did for a customer on Fiverr! If you’re interested in commission you can inquire here on Tumblr or Fiverr.

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@thetentaclehusbando has a fear of interacting with people online and bought a game THATS ONLY PURPOSE…. IS TO…. INTERACT WITH PEOPLE ONLINE…….

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