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Finished drawing and making some new Splatoon buttons! :) They’re available in my shop now. And remember, don’t get cooked~ stay off the hook~!! ☆.。.:*・°☆ ✿ Etsy: ✿ Instagram:

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Here’s some Splatfest art for my Splatoon followers! I’ve been getting a few request to play with some of your guys so I f you’re interested in playing some Splatoon 2 with me some time later send me a message and we’ll swap friend codes! :D hope you like! -Amos

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Splatoon Sona or w/e. You can also send her Emojis for the Emoji meme.

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so i’ve been thinking about… pet chicken bombs…

autobomb inkling splatoon splatoon 2 splatoon2 squid kid woomy スプラトゥーン2

my contributions of today im really taking a liking to my inkling boy and how goofy he probably is

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@skyfangz here’s your gay dudebro As soon as I read he was scared of moths this popped into my head I bet he’s the kinda guy who pretends he’s all tough but shrivels at the sight of a bloody moth What a loser (I kid I love your characters ;3) (Keep your shirt on boi ain’t no one interested)

but i am too but seriously he a weenie inkling boy inklings missyart ocs other people's ocs skyfangz splatoon squid kid videogames