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#Oooops #far #beyond +lying bitch​ #Gutters #Snake #Babbling #Bitch #Cracker +President Donald Trump...

#Oooops #far #beyond + lying bitch ​ #Gutters #Snake #Babbling #Bitch #Cracker + President Donald Trump Official ​ + GOP ​ + House Republicans ​ #Let + FUCKING CRAZY ​ + NSA Agent ​ + Central Intelligence Agency ​ #FBI #Loser #Mueller + FEDERAL BUREAU Investigation ​ + Face the Nation ​ + The Stream - Al Jazeera America ​ + Cnn News English ​ + ABC World News Tonight ​ +...

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I haven’t been super active lately, sadly. I got a new job which I’ve been adjusting to and then my parents got divorced and my mother had to move, which has been keeping me fairly busy as well. So I haven’t been drawing or painting as much as I’d like. I thought it was high time I uploaded something, though, so here are some bits and pieces from my current project. My husband and I a...

abberant bloodrager character portrait eldrich horror illustration investigator pathfinder portrait rpg squid

Niiiiinnnnnjaaaaa SQUID! No one sees him because of his ink smokescreen!

mine ninja ninja squid squid

I found and colored a Yogi’s Ark Lark fanart piece by Sonic The Hedgehog artist Tracy Yardley. ( Squiddley Diddly and Peter Potamus.

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I’d like you all to know that I got my 9 year old second cousin into Splatoon and this is the result. She’s drawing Octolings now; my legacy has been fulfilled I’m so proud. uvu

art meme octo boy octo expansion octoling octopus oe off the hook splatoon splatoon 2 squid veemo woomy

Mogeko March! The calender for this year is not here but I used the one from last year.

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