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“You are under arrest for violating the anti-mask law!” “No, YOU are under arrest for violating the anti-mask law!” “No, YOU are…” Cartoon I did for SPOT-magazine. - Denmark is set to forbid face coverings such as burkas in public places to unmask muslim women.

burkaforbud cartoon political cartoon politics satire spot spotmagasin

Concept art: The Good Dinosaur With Arlo, the creative process for us was all about trying to find his youthful side. His fearful side… we really wanted to find the boy inside. Early concept art by art director Matt Nolte

arlo concept art matt nolte spot the good dinosaur
School Front Skate Spot

School Front Skate Spot

A skate spot that takes place in front of a school and is not completely finished. I got the idea from EA's Skate 2. #ea_skate #ea_skate_2 #gap #gaps #school #skate #skate_2 #skate2 #skateboard #skateboarding #skatespot #spot #stairs

3D 3D Warehouse 3D model SketchUp ea_skate ea_skate_2 gap gaps school skate skate2 skate_2 skateboard skateboarding skatespot spot stairs

musca domestica by Trazy on Flickr.

housefly insect muscadomestica spot stereomicroscope

Yagathmayam on Flickr. sometimes I feel that the whole world is a magic,which is there and not even there, these wind, clouds, air, and springs.. They signal to me, How to say their story..

1000d 50mm boat buildings canon chethan early f 1.4 feeling fishing fogy fortkochi kochi lakhe landscape life love mist morning rain river rockstar sea shallow ship yard snow spot transperent umbrella travel umbrella