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I did this as a test for Usborne for their sticker dress up book series. If you’ve ever seen these, the people all start out in their undies and you dress them up with stickers from the back of the book. It would have been a fun design challenge, but their budget was too small for my taste.

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Today in 1976 Hammerin’ Hank hit his 755th and final home run of his illustrious career. Experimenting with some new gouache brushes for this one!

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Basketball Art Collection 2 ARTIST: Akira Yonekawa (Japan) - A professional designer who creates retro-style comic prints for t-shirts, murals & products. ● A fantastic collection of 50+ basketball artworks celebrating the 2018 NBA Playoffs. YELLOWMENACE: The Slanted Eye on Asian Art since 2013 BLOG | PINTEREST | FACEBOOK | SHOP | PATREON | KO-FI

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trying something new! portrait of loren mutch, or rose city rollers’ Mutch Mayhem. i’d like to do a series of these eventually if u wanna support my art, please do check out my links to ko-fi/redbubble/etc here (tumblr blocks posts with external links within tags so pls check it out!!)

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