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💚so excited to share one of my christmas gifts with you!! he’s too cute!! i have to come up with a name for him sometime!💚

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Oh my.. completely forgot to post this here… So yeah, I made a Splatoon plushie (my first one!) with the help of my dear Kitedge a while ago. Now that I’m working on a second and improved one, which happens to be Azure (I also already have a few commissions for more plushies too… ), I just thought that maybe I should actually show it to you guyz! Furthermore, I realised I only had a few s...

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These two didn’t sell after all, so they’re back online to get a home! They’re 45$ each, and I’d need to check for shipping cost. I ship world wide

kitedge otakuthon splatoon splatoon plushie squid squid plushie

Berry squid plushie! Its my first plushie I actually made and that seems to work somewhat fine? I worked on that project with yoruskie (that still work on many more!)(like commissions, stay tuned on her page!) Now onward my mini squid plushie in bottle project!

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Splatoon plushes at japan studios I need one of them I want one of them is so cute I could just squeeze it so bad I love it I WANT ONE

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Spent the morning cutting out Splatoon plushies…

inkling inkling plush plush plushie splatoon splatoon plushie wip plush

💖finally came up with name for this cutie!! his name is Reese!! i thought of it when i was eating peanut butter cups💖

inkling.pic plushie splatoon plushie
(Last #BTS pic for the #NewYorkTripVlog!) Ever since she acquired it at #NintendoWorld, #Gosister2 has...

(Last #BTS pic for the #NewYorkTripVlog !) Ever since she acquired it at #NintendoWorld , #Gosister2 has never let go of her #Splatoon #Squid #Plushie ! I guess you could say that she has found her #True #Love ! 3 If you want to see the the other #Souvenirs we got while we were in #NewYorkCity , please check out our #Vlog ! There's a link in my bio to my #YouTubeChannel so you can #WatchIt ! A...

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Squid bottle commission! Here’s my new little thing to do since yoruskie took over the big plushies! And also more affordable for smaller wallet in need of squid! So its simple, these are mini squid made out of the fleece color you want, handsewn, and you can either have them alone, or in a bottle! Great for gift or just that hold cuteness in your hand~ A squid alone would be 15$ CAN, and i...

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I think my sister likes her Christmas present 💝

christmas nintendo personal plushie splatoon splatoon plushie

Azure plushie! Here it is, the improved version of my previous Squid plushie (Which was Cherry)! The shape has been reviewed, the plushie is now bigger and more stuffed, so it can be a perfect squidshable Squid companion! I might also do a smaller version so it can be available for a cheaper price… But anyway! I already have 2 commissions of these big guyz and I need to go work on them no...

azure commission inkling plushies splatoon splatoon plushie squid squid plushie squid squadron yoruskie does stuff

More Splatoon squids! For once, I actually decided to make a pattern simple, so I was able to throw together a few more of these guys super quickly.

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My first attempt at making a plushie!!

kinda? marie plushie splatoon splatoon plushie squiddie