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Hi Yoruskie! Do you accept commissions for a squid plushie? ^^

Hi Yoruskie! Do you accept commissions for a squid plushie? ^^

Hey friend! Of course I do! ~ All I need to know is in which color you want your plushie, and what size you desire between the small or the regular one! Regular version is approx. 19" in height and 11" in width. This one is priced 45$ CAD Small version is approx. 13" in height and 8" in width. This version is offered at a price of 35$ CAD Also, please note that the shipping is 15$ CAD! P...

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Azure plushie! Here it is, the improved version of my previous Squid plushie (Which was Cherry)! The shape has been reviewed, the plushie is now bigger and more stuffed, so it can be a perfect squidshable Squid companion! I might also do a smaller version so it can be available for a cheaper price… But anyway! I already have 2 commissions of these big guyz and I need to go work on them no...

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Excuse me what Why do I keep getting ads for this super expensive inkling plushie? Why she so expensive??

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💖finally came up with name for this cutie!! his name is Reese!! i thought of it when i was eating peanut butter cups💖

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