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I drew Marina for a thing with my friends, but I wanted to finish this since that project hasn’t gone too far yet. I don’t like it as much as I did but still, I wanted to draw her. I’ll likely draw her again. I finished this in time for #cutiesaturday last week. Hope you like her!

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This design is for an AU where him and Octavio live together The war never happened and both species share land Is an au shared with @sweetest-wool

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I have a bunch of art I found on ZeroChan. If you know who the artists are, reblog their username and I will adjust the post.

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So fuck it, I don’t wanna be your friend I’m missing you and I don’t care what anybody says So come on, take a leap over the edge ‘Cause I don’t wanna die, wishing you were mine

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There is a new DJ in town, and I fell in love with her Commissions | Ko-fi requests

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