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Edit: oooooops published on the wromg blog c’: Ask pile 1! @blueberrylemon I dunno how to attach pictures to asks from my cell c’:

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Did anyone already did the meme with him? That’s all I could think about C.Q. Cumber’s savage way when you failed a test!

c.q.cumber cumber digital art dlc fanart meme npc octo expansion pathetic splatoon splatoon 2 splatoon art

A year ago on May 29th Splatoon was released in North America! I wasn’t able to get the game until January of this year, however Splatoon means more to me than anyone knows and I hope it’s success continues to grow in the next few years!

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Ahhh!!~ I finall finished my part of @crevangrietje / @hardestpartofbreaking‘s art trade. ;w; I’m deeply sorry for taking over a month to do my part. I knew it was supposed to be a sketch trade but I feel awful for not finishing my part in time. v.v So I decided to do it full colored!!~ ;u; I hope you like it!~

art trade crevangrietje did a different style of shading lol hardestpartofbreaking i experimented so much on this i hope you like it!!~ my art octoling octoling fc octoling oc splatoon splatoon art splatoon fc splatoon oc xd ylva