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Salack+Splatoon I love this game! Very addicted. And Inkling Salazar so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

armando salazar captain salazar fan art inkling jack sparrow salack splatoon young jack sparrow

commission for @coracuttle !! thank you!!!

commissions coracuttle splatoon

Boy of My Dreams (open image in new tab for full size) For the summer splatoon theme. Here in Finland, midsummer is believed to be a magical and perfect time for spells. One particular spell or believe that women like to do is to collect seven different flowers, and put those flowers under their pillow. Next night, you will see your future husband in your dreams. Since Kirsikka and Lappi famil...

fan art inkling kirsikka siblings side characters splatoon tf art

wanted to draw @tamarinfrog‘s squid OC kirsikka for a while. didn’t turn out at all how i wanted but started it a few weeks back and couldn’t really make it work so this is kind of just a place holder i guess. anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!

fan art in a weird place and arts been hard but i'll redo it when i can kirsikka sorry it's not very good splatoon tamarinfrog