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Singing idol Marina the Octoling from the hit band Off the hook is proud to present a new “Salmon” based dish sponsored by Grizzco Industries. Hitting Inkopolis soon!!

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Merry Squidmas! ((Hey, all! Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been super busy. ;; As an apology, please take this late Christmas post. ;’) ))

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アルニックRJ! @cafe-cardamari‘s Arnick has been CAP-tured by my squidsona with Patty’s, the hat, powers. It could be that Arnick tried on the hat that Tetrox founded without Tetrox’s knowledge of what RJ’s hat can do. Or it could be RJ missed his target and accidentally capped Arnick instead. By the way, that is Arnick’s name written in katakana without the RJ part. Arunikku! ...

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🏈 Clam blitz opinion? I. LOVE. CLAMS!!!! It’s my favourite ranked mode and it’s the first one I got to S in eheheheh~

ahhjibbliejibblie art of pigs ask splatoon splatoon 2 thank you! that meme thing