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Spirit Fingers Epilogue

Spirit Fingers Epilogue

Wooyeon is 20 years old now. She’s hurrying to go to an important meeting…which is SF meeting. She’s elected as the “president” now, so SpiFing club’s theme is office worker haha. The club opening is as fun as usual. Wooyeon narrates that Green is currently working as a musical staff. Sunho is working part time at the cafe while preparing to return to school post military service. ...

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Baebl is such an inspiration. She’s come so far in standing up for herself and realizing her self worth. And to top it off, she confronts Red Finger about acting like a total ass? Also unintentional Pride and Prejudice parallels had me screaming.

i wish spirit fingers had been around when i was in hs rant spirit fingers

ive been reading a webtoon called “Spirit fingers” the whole day I’ve only slept for about 4 hours thank god i don’t have work today but oh my god it’s sooo good!!!! im the worst reviewer but everything about it is well thought. the theme of it is also unique i like how every charecter have their own color. the charecters are relatable and hilarious especially the youngest charecter...

apparently its really popular in korea idk why i haven't discovered it before look at the colors spirit fingers webtoon 스피릿 핑거스
spirit fingers! ch. 72

spirit fingers! ch. 72

read on mangadex now. all editing done by spirit fingers scans, tl by yours truly :3

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okey guys! i’m now back on translating spirit fingers for yall. so i will be providing the translations for a scanlation group who will publish those translations on mangadex! i will link to the chapters when available on here. so honey honey wedding is on hold since i am now focusing on sf~

news not a release spirit fingers update webtoon

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I swear this is me and my friends~~~~~~~~~~~ (sorry not sorry, dear couples)

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