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One may be lonely, But two is company And three? Most definitely a crowd. I’m neither alone nor lonely, For none can part us three… Except perhaps the shroud. Constant companions, Beside me when I laugh, Beside me when I cry - And till the end comes, Together all the way, My shadow, my song and I. #spilledinkpoetry #poetsofinstagram #shadow

poetsofinstagram shadow spilledinkpoetry

Stop comparing hurt. An eye contact can be as painful as a physical blow. ———————————————- Follow @wordrush for more such content. ———————————————- *Keep writing and keep smiling 😊 ❤️* ———————————————- #wordrush #wordrushpoetry #spilledinkpoetry #herheartpoetry #poemsporn_ #unionofpoets #...

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Someone will say “you sound bitter” and I’ll say your name is a lemon rind between my teeth. Just when I think all the juice has dried out, a press of my incisors sends it bursting free 🍋 #lemonrind #spilledinkpoetry #invinoveritas #inwinethereistruth #itsoundsintimate #buttheseareallmetaphorsokay

buttheseareallmetaphorsokay invinoveritas inwinethereistruth itsoundsintimate lemonrind spilledinkpoetry

thump thumping - 10/14/18 . if love were a locket youd be the picture pressed up against mine all alone just the two of us huddled close in the dark holding fast and hoping that the clasp stays closed . we swing like a pendulum grazing the chest waiting for stillness when we land on the heart thump thumping the pulse, our lifeline our soundtrack . . . #poetry #poem #poems #...

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